Introducing Empower

Image of 2017 D2L Brightspace Excellence award. It is a blown glass in a teardrop shape mounted on a glass base.

While working in higher education we identified the need for an application that could both improve communication between the Student Information System (SIS) and the Learning Management System (LMS) and enable faculty to easily take control of their courses

We're happy to say that we have not only accomplished this goal, but have had the unique opportunity to bring our award winning product to market with years of user feedback and iteration baked into it.

What Can Empower Do For You?

Real-time Account Creation & Enrollments

Empower automates the user account creation and enrollment process. Gone are the days of manually replicating user accounts and enrollments in the SIS and LMS. Give new faculty, staff and students faster access to the LMS and their courses.

Real-time LMS Course Creation

Empower stands by its' name, empowering faculty and staff to create courses in the LMS in a manner that best suits their needs. With a user friendly interface, featuring both drag-and-drop and screen-reader accessible options, course site creation is quick and easy.

Course Feed

Empower enables your SIS to know which course sections have active course sites in your LMS. This provides students direct access to their LMS course sites from the SIS.

Grade Feed

Empower enables your institution, and thereby your faculty and staff, to import all final grades from the LMS back into the SIS

Course Activation

Empower relieves faculty and staff of needing to manually activate and deactivate courses in the LMS as the course is starting or ending.

Role Switching

Empower can allow system administrators to determine what roles individuals should have at the organization level of the LMS, based on their course level enrollments.

Empower Provides:

  • Icon of a person running quicklyQuicker Access
  • Icon of an arm flexingEmpowered Faculty & Staff
  • Icon of a bar shart increasing in height from left to rightImproved Efficiency
  • Icon of a triangle and exclamation pointReduced Errors

So, What Next?

Schedule a free demo to see what Empower can do for your institution

We can keep telling you about how great Empower is, and all of the things it can do for your institution, but why not just show you?

Contact us  to see Empower in action. We'll get back to you in a flash to schedule a day and time that work for you!

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